Thank you for having your say on our new draft volunteer strategy

Late last year, we spoke to the community and local organisations about volunteering in Yarra to find out what the volunteer culture is here, and how you see us playing a role as a council. We received more than 350 responses. Thank you to all those who contributed.

Using this feedback, we developed a four-year strategy to better promote, support and celebrate volunteering across the City of Yarra. We consulted with the community on this draft strategy from Monday 24 June 2019 until Wednesday 24 July 2019. Thank you for all who submitted feedback. We will update you on next steps.

Our new draft volunteer strategy

Take a look at a snapshot of the main sections of our new draft strategy. You can also read the draft strategy and the Year 1 Action Plan in full.

We will promote volunteer opportunities in Yarra and encourage volunteering as a way for people to connect with, and participate in, their community.

We will:

  • Promote volunteering opportunities through a range of multi-media channels, events and other activities.
  • Encourage a range of groups in the community to be involved in volunteering, offering alternative and flexible options and information on how to access them.
  • Develop a policy on corporate volunteering options for Yarra City Council staff.

We will support volunteers and volunteer managers in the Yarra community. We will strengthen relationships and create linkages between the groups.

We will:

  • Support organisations that manage volunteers, and help develop the skills of volunteer managers.
  • Help connect volunteer managers from different organisations.
  • Advocate for volunteer rights and responsibilities.
  • Provide pathways to help young people into employment opportunities within the Yarra community via volunteering.
  • Strengthen our partnerships and help link volunteers, organisations and groups across the municipality.
  • Continue to keep up-to-date with current and emerging trends and respond to changes in the volunteer sector.

We will promote the value and benefits of volunteering, and recognise how volunteers and people who manage volunteers contribute to the Yarra community.

We will:

  • Highlight the economic and social value of volunteering in the City of Yarra.
  • Promote the benefits of volunteering to encourage more people to get involved.
  • Acknowledge volunteers and volunteer managers and celebrate their achievements.