This consultation is closed. We used your feedback to inform our Urban Forest Strategy.

The strategy was adopted at Council’s meeting on Tuesday 19 September 2017.

It considers the environmental, social and economic benefits trees provide, and guides Council’s work to manage Yarra’s urban forest into the future.

To view the Council report and adopted strategy, please visit the Council meeting webpage.

Community feedback was important in shaping Yarra’s Urban Forest Strategy. We conducted community consultation in February 2017 and received 160 responses online, as well as speaking to a range of people at local parks and community events.

We heard that trees are very important to our community and play a significant role in providing shade, adding character to our streets and providing a home for birds and other wildlife.

We also heard about some of the concerns people have with trees, including suggestions for how Council could improve its management of trees.

Council will continue consult with the community about trees in local streets as part of our neighbourhood planting programs.