Swan Street is the heart of Richmond’s dining and entertainment precinct, and a special place for locals and visitors alike.

We want to make sure Swan Street stays a great place to work, visit and live, so we're creating new streetscape masterplan for the area.

What you said

Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas. Over 140 people had their say through the survey, and we received 82 comments and suggestions on our online map. We also spoke with more than 40 people at pop-up sessions on Swan Street.

It's no surprise that people love Swan Street, including (amongst other things):

  • its local businesses
  • vibrancy and atmosphere
  • sense of community
  • public transport connections.

Areas for improvement included more trees and greenery, better pedestrian access and improved lighting.

Find out more about what we heard in the engagement report.

Next steps

We are using this feedback, along with advice from independent experts, to start work on a draft Swan Street Streetscape Masterplan.

We will show you this draft plan in late 2021, and look forward to hearing what you think.

A plan for better public spaces

The streetscape masterplan will look at improving the public spaces along Swan Street, from Punt Road to Birrarung (the Yarra River). This includes things like:

  • footpaths
  • trees and landscaping
  • outdoor dining and seating
  • public art
  • bike parking
  • kerb outstands
  • connections to public transport
  • safety and accessibility for pedestrians.
What's not included?

The streetscape masterplan will only look at publicly owned land along Swan Street and its immediate surrounds, such as footpaths and street spaces. It does not consider private development or land, nor building heights.

It also doesn't include designing train stations and tram stops, or recommending changes to the traffic and transport function of Swan Street.