More about premium short game facilities

Premium short game facilities have been shown to increase participation and would be designed to add further value to the offerings at Burnley. Short game facilities provide a platform for non-golfers and regular golfers through tuition services or casual usage. They break down the time constraint barrier allowing patrons to play for an amount of time that suits their schedule.

The Australia Golf Industry Council 2015 Research Report advises that short game facilities broaden the market by:

  • providing a fun and social option and a clear path to learning and development
  • providing an outlet for “incidental” and “alternate” golfers who currently make up 26% of the total market in Australia.

Potential benefits

  • appeals to the current market of “variety seekers”, “incidental golfers” and “alternate golfers” who represent a combined 55% additional to traditional golfers who would use the facility
  • provides a clear pathway to learning and development programs for golf
  • offers a cost effective option for the game via lower casual usage fees

Potential draw backs

  • cost of construction and ongoing maintenance of the facility
  • the space required (utilises full size golf holes)