Social and Affordable Housing Strategy adopted

In July/ August 2019 we asked for your feedback on our Draft Social and Affordable Housing Strategy. Using your feedback and ideas, we finalised our Social and Affordable Housing Strategy which was adopted at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 12 November.

You can find out more by reading our Social and Affordable Housing Strategy 2019, or read a summary of the feedback we received during consultation.

What is the purpose of the strategy?

Promoting access to affordable housing is an important part of making our city inclusive.

To ensure that Yarra is an inclusive place to live, we need a range of housing at prices affordable to households with low to moderate incomes.

The Victorian Government is the main supplier and manager of social housing in the state and registered housing agencies are the main community housing providers. Although we are not the main player, we can support and contribute to social and affordable housing in a number of ways, including:

  • through our role as a planning authority
  • by contributing land and buildings
  • partnering with and facilitating the work of other stakeholders
  • advocating to other levels of government

We’re committed to making Yarra a diverse and welcoming city for all.

CLOSED What do you think of the draft strategy?

Before sharing your feedback, take a look at the summary of key points above or read the full draft strategy.

“Ensure a diverse population by increasing the supply of affordable housing suitable to households at various income levels and requirements.”

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Be a leading local government in realising affordable housing outcomes at new developments across Yarra.

Make effective and prudent direct investments in social and affordable housing.

Partner, facilitate and engage with all stakeholders to increase affordable housing in Yarra.

Continue to pursue evidence-based, strategic advocacy to other levels of government for improved outcomes.

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