The upgraded Fitzy Bowl is now open

Thanks to all the work of our local skater and BMX community who worked with us on the design, and the positive feedback from the broader community, the new Fitzy Bowl Skate Park is now open!

Grind Projects Pty Ltd delivered the build, which began in May 2022 and completed in August 2022.

Grind projects come with over 10 years experience of construction and maintenance of skate parks and referees were confident they could deliver the project on time and within budget as well as a great result.

An added bonus! many of their internationally experienced staff are also regular users of the Fitzy Bowl. They're passionate about the existing facility and excited about having the opportunity to contribute to its future development.

Check out the winning tender final designs

Key outcomes of the final design include:

A key focus is improving the skating and BMX experience for participants, including children and their parents and caregivers.

  • The facility enhances Yarra’s open space network to meet the diverse range of community uses
  • It provides a facility that is inclusive and accessible, enabling people with disability to participate - parts of the new design will be accessible to some wheelchair users
  • The expanded area is designed for both beginners - especially young children - and advanced users, with opportunities for beginners to progress to more difficult tricks
  • We’ve worked with the local skate community to come up with a new design that skaters, BMXers, roller-bladers, roller-skaters, and scooter riders of all ages and abilities can enjoy
  • The upgraded park will be a little more than double the current size, but includes seating for spectators and other park users, and makes use of shade from existing trees
  • The original skate bowls will not be removed!

Good to know:

  • The works area will be protected by temporary fencing to keep workers and park users safe
  • BUT! the Fitzy Bowl will still be open to users when safe to do so.

Who uses the skate park?

The Fitzy Bowl is one of Melbourne’s most popular skate parks. It attracts skateboarders, bladers, BMXers and scooter riders of all ages from the Yarra community and across Melbourne. It’s also seen as one of the more challenging skate parks in the area, but has had very few options for beginner skaters.

Very young children and their parents also play here, with and without wheeled toys.

Creating a welcoming skate facility

To come up with a design that would help skaters of all ages and abilities feel welcome – especially children – we engaged an independent designer and engagement consultant, and a group of people who use the skate park regularly.

This group reflected the diversity of the people who use the skate park, and included teenage skaters, parents, and skaters in their forties.