Delivering value for rates and making sure our services meet the needs of our growing and diverse community is a priority for Council.

Like all councils in Victoria, Yarra is facing financial challenges including the rising cost of service provision and the impact of population growth. As part of our commitment to improving Council’s long-term financial health, we have developed a draft Financial Sustainability Strategy.

This Strategy identifies a comprehensive service planning and review framework as one of the 7 key strategies to achieve financial sustainability. The framework will make sure our services are fit-for-purpose and are what our community wants.

We want to hear from you.

Tell us what you think and help us understand how you want us to plan and prioritise services for the years ahead.

Your feedback on service priorities will be considered in the next step of this process which will include deliberative engagement working group involving participants who represent Yarra’s diverse community.

The information you provide will be given to participants of the working group to help inform and assist with their deliberation in developing a recommended set of community-supported principles. These principles will help guide Council’s service planning and review program into the future.

Together, we can make sure Council best supports and services our diverse and growing community.

Share your thoughts before 9am on Monday 18 December 2023.