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A bit about the project

We're conducting a Road Safety Study in Alphington to help address possible road safety issues in the area.

To help us better understand where and what types of road safety issues might need to be addressed, we asked the community to provide their lived experience of using these specific roads.

Road Safety Studies (RSS) are site, corridor or precinct studies that seek to improve safety for all road users, with a focus on the safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists.

RSS investigate road safety issues through evidence-based assessment as well as the views of the community which they use as a key method of obtaining information. It should be noted that different sections of the community may agree on the issues, but sometimes have different views on ways of resolving them.

It will look at locations identified as having safety issues based on feedback from road users, traffic data and road safety assessments. It will also look at potential barriers to accessibility and movement to ensure safer connections at popular local destinations.

Most importantly, we want to know the community's day-to-day experience of using these roads as they walk, cycle or drive through the Alphington study area. This will help us understand where traffic treatments or adjustments will make the streets safer for all users and how they should be prioritised.

This area of Alphington is mostly residential, however it also includes major ‘people attracting land uses’ such as schools, sports clubs, parklands, and a golf club. This means that the streets are well used by a variety of different road users.

Subsequently, we regularly receive feedback from different sections of the community reporting on conflicts between these different road users and narrowly avoided collisions in this area.

Additionally, in recent years local schools have expanded, resulting in an increased demand for walking, cycling and driving on these roads.

All of these factors have led to the decision to undertake a review of actual and perceived road safety issues within this area of Alphington.

Have your say

Before we can begin considering the traffic treatment options, we needed to understand how you use the roads in the study area and your views on the safety issues. You did this by filling in our quick survey and then sharing your feedback on our interactive map.