This consultation is closed. Thanks to all those who provided feedback through the submission process.

The Road Management Plan was adopted on 20 July 2021.

In accordance with section 54 of the Road Management Act 2004, Yarra City Council proposes to make amendments to the Road Management Plan.

The Road Management Plan provides clarity to the community about the level of service provided in maintaining the road infrastructure assets we manage.

It commits us to an inspection and maintenance program, which is supported by an appropriate budget. The plan states how we will maintain defects and repairs on roadways, kerb and channel, pathways, constructed right of ways and other assets within a public road where we are the responsible road authority.

We have completed a review of the Road Management Plan (2017). A copy of the Review Report and the proposed Road Management Plan (2021) can be viewed in the Document Library on this page.

Further information on Roads and Traffic including Council’s existing Road Management Plan (2017) can be viewed here.

You can view the Road Management Plan 2021 on our website.