We've prepared a draft Concept Design to improve the streetscape outside Richmond Town Hall and the former Police Station on Bridge Road.

These upgrades will increase greenery and provide a more enjoyable visitor experience to this locally significant building.

What's proposed

The proposed draft Concept Design aims to:

  • recognise and celebrate the civic importance of Richmond Town Hall and the former Police Station
  • provide an attractive and flexible space with different types of seating
  • include tree planting and greenery to enhance the current streetscape
  • be respectful to its setting and provide an understated approach to highlight the surrounding buildings' heritage
  • incorporate high-quality materials and finishes that reflect the local architecture.

These upgrades only focus on the public spaces outside the Richmond Town Hall and former Police Station.

What you told us

Thank you for your great feedback on our proposal for upgrading the streetscape outside Richmond Town Hall and the former Police Station on Bridge Road.

We received 67 responses to our online survey, which was open for feedback from Thursday 20 February to Thursday 19 March 2020.

Overall, a majority of people were supportive of the draft design. In particular, we heard that:

  • you value more trees and greenery in the Town Hall precinct and along Bridge Road
  • you’d like to see more seating and bike parking
  • there is a need for streetscape improvements in the wider precinct to attract more visitors to the area.

Next steps

We’re currently refining the draft design, taking into account your feedback. Once it is updated, the design will be presented at a future Council Meeting for endorsement.

Delivery and construction

Supporting our community through coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant that some projects, including this one, aren’t included for delivery in this year’s proposed budget.

We acknowledge the significant support our community has for these projects and will consider delivering them as soon as financially possible, once the full economic impact of COVID-19 is understood.

Artist's impression

Daytime view: Daytime view Nighttime view: Nighttime view

Take the survey

Let us know how well you believe the draft designs respond to the three project objectives:
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The draft designs encourage a vibrant and active street life along Bridge Road.
The draft designs respond to and complement the area's rich architectural and cultural history.
The draft designs consider sustainability and support the area's natural environment.
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