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In 2018, we asked for your help to rethink our waste. With hundreds of great ideas we were able to design a more creative and sustainable approach to our waste.

We carefully considered your feedback and created a Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery Strategy to improve the way we purchase, consume and use resources.

Want to read the strategy?

Check out Yarra's Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery Strategy 2018-2022

Key objectives

The strategy is built around five key objectives, each with a four year action plan detailing the specific tasks required to achieve our targets.

Key objectives:

  • Valuing our resource.
  • Delivering high quality, accessible services and programs.
  • Encouraging community pride through clean and litter free public spaces.
  • Ensuring Yarra has access to the programs, infrastructure and technology to meet its targets
  • Collaborate, partner and advocate for better outcomes.

Fast facts

Last year:

  • Total waste generated for kerbside collection decreased by 98 tonnes.
  • About 97% of goods left at recycling drop-off points were recycled and reused
  • More than 540 tonnes of hard waste was recycled
  • Almost 10,000 tonnes of material was recycled (that’s 1500 elephants!)

Recent highlights

  • The Food Know How program is providing tips on meal planning, shopping, cooking, storage, and growing food at home to help reduce waste.
  • Under the Recycle Us program we’re looking in rubbish and recycling bins, and providing feedback to households to help them improve their practice.
  • Our Recycling School initiative sees us working with local schools to show young people that recycling can be fun and rewarding.

If you have a question for our Waste Minimisation team, email them at (subject line: Rethinking our waste) or call them on 9205 5555.