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As with previous years, Council’s aim has been to deliver a responsible budget that not only invests in new and existing community infrastructure, but also continues to provide the hundreds of vital services that are fundamental to our community health and wellbeing, and sustains the general amenity of Yarra.

During 2016/17 Council will complete the highly anticipated North Fitzroy Library and Community Hub, including new library collection materials. The proposed budget also provides for upgrades to playgrounds in Abbotsford, Clifton Hill and North Fitzroy, renovations to facilities at the much-loved Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond Recreation Centre and installation of new sports lights at Kevin Bartlett Reserve in Richmond.

Council is proposing a general rate increase of 2.5% (in line with the State Government’s Fair Go Rates System cap on rate increases), along with a modest increase in most fees and charges. To help reduce the impact on pensioners, Council has also increased its pensioner rebate by 2.9% (from $170 to $175), which they receive in addition to the Victorian Government rebate.

Budget at a glance

  • $171 million total operating expenditure budget
  • $2 million for new capital projects and other new initiatives
  • $2 million for community grants
  • 2.5% increase in general rates, in line with the State Government’s Fair Go Rates System, which introduces a rate cap for all Victorian Councils.
  • 2.9% increase in the rate rebate for pensioners (from $170 to $175 per annum).

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