Precinct summary

Fitzroy North is primarily a residential area, with non-residential uses located along the major arterials that run through it, including Queens Parade, Brunswick Street, Nicholson Street and Alexandra Parade.

Where is open space currently located?

With Edinburgh Gardens, Merri Creek and Inner Circle Railway Linear Parklands, Fitzroy North currently has a diverse and connected open space network.

  • Provide an additional small local open space to make it easier for people to walk to open space in their area.
  • Expand Edwards Place Reserve so that the community can use it when Edinburgh Gardens is at capacity, given its popularity.
  • Improve the quality and diversity of recreational facilities across the small local open spaces in Fitzroy North to appeal to all age groups.
  • Design future open spaces to provide a diversity of facilities for the existing and future population.
Recommendations for the Fitzroy North precinct

Recommendations for the Fitzroy North precinct