Precinct summary

The Fairfield - Alphington precinct is located between the Merri and Darebin creeks, with the Yarra River defining its southern boundary and Heidelberg Road its north.

Where is open space currently located?

Open space is currently well provided for and significantly contributes to the landscape character of the precinct.

With high forecast growth in Alphington, one new small local and three new local open spaces will be provided on the Alphington Paper Mills Development site as part of its approved Development Plan.

  • Expand the play and picnic facilities in Alphington Park to cater to an increase in population.
  • Continue upgrades of Fairfield Park through implementation of the Fairfield Park Masterplan.
  • Ensure there are adequate facilities for the new open spaces in the Alphington Paper Mills Development, including greening and passive cooling, given the high urban density of the area.
Recommendations for the Fairfield - Alphington precinct

Recommendations for the Fairfield - Alphington precinct