Precinct summary

Collingwood is changing from an industrial to high-density mixed-use context, with residential, business and commercial uses in renovated industrial buildings. There is a significant lack of open space in the precinct due to its industrial past, coupled with substantial growth projections. As such, it is a high-priority area for new open space.

Where is open space currently located?

The majority of the existing open spaces in Collingwood, such as the Peel Street Park, Cambridge Street Reserve and Oxford Street Reserve are currently experiencing high use.

  • With a forecast substantial increase in population, provide additional small neighbourhood, local and small local open spaces.
  • Expand the size of selected existing small open spaces and include a greater diversity of facilities to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of residents and workers.
Recommendations for the Collingwood precinct

Recommendations for the Collingwood precinct