Arts and culture is integral to Yarra

Do you enjoy the arts? Are you an artist, or are you involved in the creative industries in Yarra? Do you value our creative community?

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on our draft Arts and Culture Strategy for 2022-2026. We shared the draft and accepted your ideas between Wednesday 27 October and Wednesday 10 November 2021.

We are now reviewing your feedback and finalising the strategy. The updated Arts and Culture Strategy will then be considered for adoption at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 7 December 2021.

How did we develop the strategy?

In 2019 we went out to the community to find out what you already love about the arts in Yarra, what you would like to see more of, and what we can do to support creativity in our city.

We heard from more than 350 community members through our online survey as well as a series of in-person events. This included more than 100 children and young people, as well as members of Yarra's arts community and people who enjoy the arts in Yarra. We also engaged Yarra's trader community, our arts and culture advisory group, and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advisory group.

Our consultation found that people love:

  • the diversity, accessibility and vibrancy of Yarra's arts and culture.
  • the contribution the arts make to our sense of identity in Yarra.

In contrast, the challenges we face in Yarra are:

  • the lack of affordable spaces and the associated financial vulnerability of our artists
  • the need for more public events, studio spaces and artist-in-residence opportunities.

From this research and discovery process we developed the priorities for the draft Arts and Culture Strategy 2022-2026.

After a delay due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ran workshops in person and online with communities and special interest groups. These sessions, with approximately 100 people, gave rise to the initiatives and actions that achieve our priorities.