The first phase of the Linear Park Masterplan community consultation took place from 4 April to 1 May 2022.

What you told us

We received 490 responses to our online survey and spoke to hundreds of people at our 3 in-person pop up sessions held in the parklands. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

Four key themes emerged from the community feedback we received:

1. Green open spaces, trees and the natural environment

2. Facilities and spaces for the community to enjoy, come together and connect

3. The shared path, its linkages and connectivity and the need to increase safety for all users

4. The history of the area including railway heritage, Indigenous and cultural history

What you like about the parklands

Most people agreed that:

  • They feel safe in the parklands during the day (94%)
  • The parklands are well-maintained and looked after (76%)
  • There are enough opportunities/areas for children to play (55%)
  • There are enough open space areas and facilities for casual sporting activities (52%)
  • There is sufficient signage (i.e. directional, information, safety signage) (49%)

What needs improvement

Many people were concerned about:

  • Having enough access to well maintained public toilets (47%)
  • Having access to enough drinking fountains (38%)
  • The amount of seating provided (33%)

The shared path

There were mixed views on how the shared cycling/pedestrian path is working*:

  • 38% strongly agreed or agreed that the shared cycling/pedestrian path is working well
  • 43% strongly disagreed or disagreed that the shared cycling/pedestrian path is working well
  • 19% selected neutral

For more detailed information, you can read the full community engagement report.

*An earlier version of this webpage and the executive summary section of the community engagement report contained an error in the figures regarding the shared path responses. These figures and the report were corrected and re-published on 22 August 2022.

Next steps

We are continuing to gather important technical information which will help us to develop the masterplan, including undertaking analysis of traffic movement patterns and use of the shared path. We will also be consulting with other key stakeholders including Traditional Owners and neighbouring Moreland Council.

We are also in the process of appointing a specialist consultant team to write the masterplan.

We expect to release a draft of the masterplan for community feedback in the first half of 2024.

What's this masterplan about?

The Linear Parklands run from Princes Hill, through Carlton North, right down to Fitzroy North near Rushall Station. They're the longest continuous stretch of open parklands in Yarra, containing many historical, cultural and environmental points of interest.

Right now they're used for all sorts of activities like:

  • playgrounds
  • enjoying nature
  • Carlton North and Holden Street neighbourhood house activities
  • commuter and leisure bike riding, walking and jogging
  • passive recreation spaces where community sit and relax or gather to picnic and play, and
  • community gardening, dog walking, a historical bocce court and much more!

Why a masterplan?

We're taking a fresh look at how the Linear Parklands are used and maintained, to ensure this significant stretch of open space caters to all who want to use it.

As our population grows and changes, the ways we use our open spaces also change. The masterplan will outline future upgrades and investment in the parklands, to ensure they reflect the needs of the community now and in the years to come.

What areas are included?

The parklands wrap around what was once the Inner Circle Rail Line between Bowen Crescent in Princes Hill and Rushall Station in Fitzroy North, and also includes the old spur line between St Georges Road and Alfred Crescent, that connected the railway to Edinburgh Gardens to the south.

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