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It's essential that we manage our water resources responsibly and sustainably to keep our environment and community healthy.

Our changing climate is already impacting our community, with more frequent and extreme weather events including heat waves, flooding and drought. Sustainably and responsibly managing our water resources will play a key role in meeting current and future challenges.

That’s why we’ve developed an Integrated Water Management Plan, to guide our operations around water use for the next 10 years.

We developed a draft of the plan through work with government agencies, neighbouring councils, industry experts and community groups.

We then asked for your feedback on the draft between Monday 14 June and Friday 24 July 2020. Your comments helped us finalise the plan, which was adopted at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 15 September 2020.

Read the final Integrated Water Management Plan.

Our Integrated Water Management Plan

The plan will guide our operations around water use for the next 10 years, including:

  • drainage
  • stormwater management
  • open space management
  • waterway health and
  • seeking alternative water sources.

It will also help us understand how climate change will impact our drainage system and guide how we prepare for this.

Key objectives in the plan

  • Efficient and fit-for-purpose use of all water sources.
  • A resilient and effective drainage network that flows into healthy and valued waterways.
  • An informed and responsible community benefiting from and enjoying a vibrant sustainable landscape.

What is integrated water management?

Integrated water management considers all elements of the water cycle, including potable water, rainwater, stormwater, recycled water and groundwater.

This all-inclusive and collaborative approach to water management ensures we protect our natural environment and work towards a sustainable future.