This first round of consultation closed on 3 December.

Thanks to everyone who provided great input on the best ways to empower local businesses to grow Yarra’s economy, boost employment and investment, and capitalise on our city’s unique advantages.

We are now analysing your input in order to prepare the draft strategy. We are aiming to come back to you for feedback on the draft strategy early next year.

​What will we do with your feedback?

Your feedback will ensure that our future work reflects the needs of local businesses and institutions.

This work will be laid out in our forthcoming Draft Economic Development Strategy for 2020–25.

We will be inviting further community feedback when the draft is complete.

​Yarra’s economy today

Yarra is a knowledge-based, innovative & smart economy. We are experiencing strong growth in areas like health, medicine, computer design and education. We are also seeing the emergence of clusters of high-tech businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Yarra includes a series of vibrant and evolving activity centres and employment precincts. Some of the most successful shopping strips feature a diverse mix of uses including retail services, food and beverage, health and fitness related services, fashion and professional services. Challenging retail conditions have resulted in shop vacancies in some areas.

Yarra has long been recognised as a centre of creativity and culture. Our creative industries produce acclaimed content across a range of disciplines including visual arts, music, theatre, performance, literature, public art, design, fashion, filmmaking and craft.

Did you know?

  • There are over 81,000 jobs in Yarra and employment is growing rapidly (+2,700 jobs per year)
  • There are 15,470 businesses registered in the City of Yarra, an increase of 1,148 since 2016.
  • Visits to Yarra have more than doubled since 2009, increasing by approximately 450,000 visitors per year.

​What kind of work do we do in the economic development space?

We employ a mix of advocacy, collaboration and direct action to support the local business community. We work to empower businesses by streamlining our processes, providing information and resources, and promoting the unique characteristics of our commercial precincts.

Recent highlights include:

  • Introduced a streamlined one-stop-shop process for business-related permits.
  • Arranged shopfront and streetscape upgrades for a local shopping precinct.
  • Advocated on behalf of businesses disrupted by State level infrastructure projects.
  • Promoted a forthcoming Halloween festival hosted by a local shopping precinct.
  • Pledged to pay invoices from small businesses within two weeks.
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