Draft Amendment C273 – Heidelberg Road Commercial Areas

7 November 2022

In February 2020, Yarra City Council requested interim Design and Development Overlay Schedule 18 (DDO18) and interim Heritage Overlays (HOs 511/512) be prepared to respond to growing development pressure in the commercial pockets along Heidelberg Road (Amendment C272).

Interim DDO18 currently applies and is due to expire after 22 April 2023.

After receiving feedback from the community in July and August 2021, we’ve prepared a permanent DDO18 and Heritage Overlays (HOs 451/455) that will be progressed through Draft Amendment C273.

Officers have used the consultation feedback, strategic background work, relevant Council resolutions, relevant Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) cases, the approved interim DDO18 as well as more recent amendments to inform the permanent built form controls.

At the Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 October 2022, Council resolved to request consent from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit Draft Amendment C273 as per the Terms of Reference for the Yarra Activity Centre Standing Advisory Committee. The Minutes of the Council Meeting can be found here.

You will have an opportunity to make a submission during the exhibition period. You will also have the opportunity to be heard at any independent committee hearing held to consider the amendment and submissions.

What does proposed draft DDO18 do?

The proposed draft Design and Development Overlay Schedule 18 (DDO18) aims to provide a balanced approach by guiding different levels of potential development across the Heidelberg Road Precincts.

It aims to ensure that new buildings will respond to heritage fabric of the area. It will also minimise impacts on sensitive residential interfaces such as backyards and public spaces like footpaths, kerb outstands and parklands.

As this road is shared with the City of Darebin, proposed draft DDO18 focuses on the Yarra side of Heidelberg Road.

The primary purpose of the proposed draft DDO is to create requirements for developments in relation to:

  • front setback (how far back a development must be from the road)
  • street wall height (the vertical distance between the top of the street wall and the footpath)
  • setbacks for upper levels (the minimum distance between the street wall and levels above it)
  • building height (how tall a development can go)
  • rear interface requirements and setbacks (a way to push higher parts of development away from backyards and parks)

The proposed draft DDO also includes requirements regarding:

  • overshadowing
  • building separation
  • building layout
  • design
  • access and parking

You can read the entire proposed draft DDO18 here.

What buildings do the proposed HOs 451/455 cover?

A Heritage Overlay is a planning tool that is applied to properties which are deemed places of natural or cultural significance.

They provide guidance about how to undertake works which conserve and enhance the significance of heritage properties. They also ensure any works are not detrimental to the significance of heritage properties.

The preparation of HOs 451/455 were informed by independent heritage advice. We’re proposing to apply the Heritage Overlay to the following buildings:

  • 730-734 Heidelberg Road, Alphington
  • 760-764 Heidelberg Road, Alphington
Image of the properties identified for a heritage overlay

Click to enlarge the diagram.

We’re also proposing to delete the Heritage Overlay (HO362) from 2 Killop Street, Alphington.

What about the Local Area Plan?

We’re still working with Darebin City Council to incorporate your feedback on the Local Area Plan (LAP). The LAP would be finalised once Darebin City Council has completed its own background work to inform it. The LAP covers the Heidelberg Road corridor between the Merri and Darebin creeks. It sets out a preferred vision and strategic objectives relating to land use, built form, public realm, access to open space and transport matters.