Consultation has concluded.

Council is gauging support for the former Richmond Police Station to be restored and turned into a community arts space.

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When providing your response, you might want to consider:

  • access/location
  • mix of uses (i.e. what type of arts)
  • who from the local community would use and visit the space
  • opportunities for enhancing community arts experience and participation

See the project website for further information including details of a community information session, and project officer contact details:

This stage of public consultation will be open until 5pm, Friday 5th June 2015

Note: the location of this site is between Barbeque Galore and the Richmond Town Hall at 333 Bridge Road. See Google Map link to location

Discussion topics

What do you think the benefits of this proposal are for the precinct?

<p>Please provide your comments and feedback in the space provided below.</p><p><br></p>

What range of spaces and/or amenities do you think are essential for a community arts space?