We’re calling for ideas on the best ways to improve Edinburgh Gardens (Northern Precinct) to meet current and future community needs.

Please take a quick look at the flyer (which includes background information and a bird’s eye view of the northern precinct) and participate in our forum topics below. This forum will remain open until Friday 24 June 2016.

Drop-in consultation session

Ask questions and provide feedback in-person at our drop-in consultation session in the marquee adjacent to the Emely Baker Building (Edinburgh Gardens) between 10am and 11.30am on Saturday 4 June 2016.

What happens next?

Feedback gathered during this process will inform development of a concept plan, which will be brought back to the community for further comment and improvement. Council will then finalise a plan to enhance this important public asset.

Contact us

For further information about Council’s plans to improve Edinburgh Gardens (Northern Precinct), contact our Open Space team on 9426 1427 or at OpenSpace@yarracity.vic.gov.au


What should the space created by the demolition of International House and its carpark be used for?

<p></p><p>Groups currently meeting at International House have been offered the chance to transition to a more modern facility at the soon-to-be-completed <a href="http://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/Libraries/North-Fitzroy-Community-Hub/">North Fitzroy Community Hub</a>. Due to the poor condition of the building, International House and its associated carpark will be demolished, which will free up space for new or expanded park features (e.g. additional green open space, new multi-use sports court, expanded skate facility, improved picnic/BBQ area, additional park furniture).</p>

How could the existing playground be improved?

<p></p><p>Council is exploring the best ways to upgrade the existing playground, which is approaching the end of its useful life (e.g. new shade structure, expanded play area, new play equipment, additional park furniture such as seating/picnic tables).</p><br>

Given the forthcoming vacancy at the Emely Baker Building, what should this venue be used for?

<p></p><p>The maternal and child health service currently operating from the Emely Baker Building will be relocated to the North Fitzroy Community Hub. As the Emely Baker Building is in good condition, Council is exploring potential new uses for this facility (e.g. community meeting rooms, performance space, educational facility).</p>

Share your thoughts on other aspects of Edinburgh Gardens (North Precinct).

<p></p><p>While Council has identified the areas around International House and the existing playground as key elements of our consultation, we invite you to comment on any aspect of Edinburgh Gardens (Northern Precinct).</p>