The playground at Egan Place Park is at the end of its life. From 16 November to Friday 11 December 2020 we asked for your feedback to help us determine what new equipment we should replace it with.

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey and provided feedback. We are currently reviewing what you told us and will confirm the design for the playground in late January 2021.

Background of the project

We’ve come up with 3 playground options that suit the very limited budget and space we have for this project. We need you to tell us which you like the best by filling in the survey below.

We are also planning other changes in Egan Place Park designed to improve safety and amenity, which have been developed after consultation with Victoria Police.

We acknowledge that no single intervention can address the breadth of complex and dynamic safety issues in the North Richmond area. Yarra Council and Victoria Police, along with other agencies, monitor shifts in drug-related activity and we encourage you to report trends or incidents.

What other changes are we making in the park?

We’re aiming to improve safety in the park by removing the two car parking spaces along the Egan Place side of the park. This will improve visibility from the street to the park, and allow for passive surveillance of the space.

It will also increase the size of the park.

Before: Image of Egan Place Park before upgrade After: Image of Egan Place Park after removal of carparks and with play area upgrade

We’re also installing:

  • A soft fall rubber surface to replace the mulch under the playground, which will help improve safety.
  • A new bin with dog bags, to make it easier for park users to keep the space tidy.
  • A new park sign with Yarra Council contact details included, which will help park users get in touch with us if cleaning or maintenance is needed.

What can’t we do in the park?

  • Remove any of the trees in the park to create more space.
  • Change or increase the area taken up by the playground.
  • Install a drinking fountain in the park.
  • Construct shade over the playground. We do not have the budget for this, and most of the park is already shaded by existing trees.

3 options for the playground upgrade