This consultation is closed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their feedback. We used your suggestions to create a new design for this space and the upgrade is now complete. You can see the photos of the new playground below.

The playground at Egan Place Park is at the end of its life. At the end of last year, and again in March this year, we asked for your feedback to help us determine what new equipment we should replace it with.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on both occasions and came to the park to give us their views in person on 6 March 2021. Vic Police also attended the on-site consultation to listen to and discuss resident concerns regarding behaviour in the park and local area.

What you told us

The feedback we received generally told us the following:

  • That people do take children to the playground and use the play equipment, and would like to see this retained as a playground area.
  • That a rubber surface instead of soft fall would be useful to be able to see that there is nothing unpleasant in the play area.
  • That the proposed swings and rope structure with slide is supported.
  • To keep the car parking, as carparking is scarce in this area and the additional park space would be minor.
  • To consider adjusting the seat location to reduce people gathering here at night.
  • To improve lighting through the park to make it feel safer to use.
  • That general behaviour in the area relating to drug use can make the park and local area feel unsafe, and that more attention to reducing this is a strong priority.

What are we proposing for the park?

We have reviewed what you told us and have decided to implement the following changes within the budget for improvements to Egan Place Park:

  1. Replace the existing playground equipment with new double swings (and a basket swing) and a small rope climbing structure with a slide.
  2. Replace the mulch surface with a rubber softfall surface.

We're also planning to make these changes:

  • Install a new bin with dog bags, to make it easier for park users to keep the space tidy. This will be on a trial basis.
  • Install a new park sign with Yarra Council contact details included, which will help park users get in touch with us if cleaning or maintenance is needed. Signage in relation to not feeding birds or wildlife will be included.
  • Remove the existing park seat, and install a bench seat along the Egan Street edge of the park. This is also on a trial basis.
  • Investigate the option with DHHS of replacing the existing light with a brighter option, and an extra one in the middle of the park.

What we aren't planning to do in the park

  • Remove any car parking. There were significant concerns raised about the difficulties removing car parking would bring for local residents.
  • Install a drinking fountain in the park.
  • Change or increase the area taken up by the playground.
  • Construct shade over the playground. We do not have the budget for this, and most of the park is already shaded by existing trees.
  • Remove any of the large trees.

We acknowledge that there is no single intervention that can address the breadth of complex and dynamic safety issues.

Yarra Council along with Victoria Police continue to monitor shifts in safety concerns and we encourage you to report trends or incidents.