The playground at Egan Place Park is at the end of its life. At the end of last year, we asked for your feedback to help us determine what new equipment we should replace it with.

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey and provided feedback. We initially consulted on 3 playground options that suited the very limited budget and space we have for this project. Find out more about these options.

We have reviewed what you told us and have decided to explore further options for Egan Place Park, to ensure that we are making the best possible use of this space.

Share your feedback by filling in the survey below by Sunday 14 March, or come along to Egan Place Park on Saturday 6 March from 10am until 12 midday and chat to us in-person about the proposed changes. A member of the Richmond Victoria Police will also be attending our on-site consultation, to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the location's safety. This is subject to current COVID-19 restrictions at the time. Please refer back to this page for updates on whether we are able to go ahead with this onsite consultation.

What you told us

Many of our survey participants felt that the park was seldom used by children and young families and questioned the value in replacing the playground.

Some other common feedback we heard included:

  • The most popular playground option was option 3 (rope climbing frame and slide, spinner and rocker). There was also support for including swings.
  • While some people supported the removal of two car parks, many responders were concerned that parking is limited in the area and would not like to see any removed.
  • A number of responses were in support of adding a rubber soft-fall surface to the playground.

We are aware of the impact that safety has on the community and we have noted that concerns regarding safety were reflected in some of the comments received for this consultation.

We acknowledge that there is no single intervention that can address the breadth of complex and dynamic safety issues. Yarra Council along with Victoria Police continue to monitor shifts in safety concerns and we encourage you to report trends or incidents.

What are we proposing for the park?

After taking into consideration all of the feedback that we received we have now revised the options for Egan Place Park, and we need your input.

The options we’re exploring are:

  1. Replace the playground with a rope climbing frame, slide and a basket swing and replace the existing mulch with a rubber soft-fall surface. The climbing frame was the most popular choice of the 3 original options and is in line with our proposed idea of upgrading the play equipment.
  2. Remove the playground and grass that area over. Many people suggested in their responses that the play area was not well used, and that a more flexible park would be better value.
  3. Replace the play equipment with fitness equipment in the mulch. This would provide an active space for adults and older children who feel safer using the space.

We're also installing:

  • A new bin with dog bags, to make it easier for park users to keep the space tidy.
  • A new park sign with Yarra Council contact details included, which will help park users get in touch with us if cleaning or maintenance is needed.

What can't we do in the park?

  • Change or increase the area taken up by the playground.
  • Install a drinking fountain in the park.
  • Construct shade over the playground. We do not have the budget for this, and most of the park is already shaded by existing trees.