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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 and draft Asset Management Policy 2022-2026. The final versions of the Plan and Policy was adopted at the Council Meeting which took place on Thursday 23 June.

Our assets

Our assets are made up of our Council buildings, transport assets, stormwater assets and open space. These assets enable us to deliver high-quality services to our community:

  • our buildings and facilities allow us to deliver community support and leisure services
  • our transport assets enable our community to travel to and from different locations via multiple modes of transport
  • our stormwater assets enable elements of our environmental services such as waterway protection, water retention and drainage to be provided
  • our open space assets allow the delivery of our recreation services and other elements of our environmental services.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 we are required to develop an Asset Plan, providing an overview on how we will manage the assets under our control over the next 10 years, including any future challenges that we may face.

Our draft Asset Plan 2022-2032

The draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 has been created in line with our Council Plan, Community Vision and Long-Term Financial Plan objectives.

In it we aim to:

  • Improve our transparency around asset value and performance.
  • Better inform the community on the type of assets under Council control.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our asset management practices by engaging with our community.
  • Better align decisions around assets to community needs, service levels and standards, and financial sustainability.

Our draft Asset Management Policy 2022-2026

We review our Asset Management policy every four years to ensure that our Asset Management practices align to best practice. Our new draft Asset Management Policy 2022-2026 addresses the new Local Government Act legislation and aligns our policy to the well established ISO55001:2014 Asset Management management system.

The policy aims to:

  • Define the principles for the sustainable and effective lifecycle management of all infrastructure assets owned, controlled and/or maintained by Council.
  • Assist Council to achieve best practice asset management towards delivery of the Yarra Council Plan 2021-25 and Yarra 2036 Community Vision.
  • Guide staff and Council in complying with Asset Plan provisions of the Local Government Act 2020.

Have your say

We asked what you thought about our draft Asset Plan 2022-2032 and draft Asset Management Policy 2022-2026 and the different topics they cover.

You were able to provide your feedback by uploading a prepared submission or by entering your comments in the form below.

Feedback needed to be submitted by Friday 20 May 2022.