This consultation is closed.

Thank you for providing feedback on our draft Council plan 2021-25. We used your ideas to inform the final version of this document.

You can read our Council Plan 2021-25 and find out more on our website.

A plan for Yarra's future

You're invited to have your say on Yarra’s draft Council Plan 2021–25, which sets out the medium-term direction for Council.

All councils must produce a Council Plan every four years under the Local Government Act 2020.

Yarra's Council Plan 2021-25:

  • informs all our work, decision making and strategic direction
  • outlines the strategic objectives, strategies, initiatives and indicators for the next four years to achieve our Community Vision
  • incorporates our new Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan.
What has informed the draft?

When we developed our Yarra 2036 Community Vision, we asked for feedback that could also inform our Council Plan 2021–25 and long-term financial and asset plans. We've aligned the plan to your feedback and the Community Vision's themes and priorities.

Long Term Financial Plan

The Local Government Act 2020 also introduced a new requirement for all councils to prepare and adopt a Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) for period of at least the next 10 financial years by 31 October 2021.

Our draft LTFP provides financial strategy principles, strategic actions, assumptions to the financial plan statements, financial performance indicators and strategies for borrowings and reserves.

The plan will be updated annually as part of the budget preparation process. Together with the annual budget, it is subject to ongoing review and may be updated during the budget year through a revised budget process.