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Our current Climate Emergency Plan 2020-2024 is ready for a reboot. It’s now time to develop the next plan which will underpin our response to the climate crisis in the years to come and ramp up our ambition.

We know addressing the climate crisis is a top priority for the Yarra community and that you want us to do more. We want our community to be part of the climate solutions we develop, every step of the way.

Tell us your aspirations, priorities, and ideas for the new Climate Emergency Plan by completing the survey and contributing to the ideas board at the bottom of the page!

Why do we need a new Climate Emergency Plan?

We all want to live in a healthy and just community where everyone is supported, no matter their age, background, ability or circumstances. A world where people and nature thrive together, now and into the future.

But right now, we are living in a climate crisis, driven by burning fossil fuels, land clearing, and excessive waste.

Here in Yarra, we are seeing our unique plants and wildlife disappear before our eyes. People in our community are suffering the impacts of more frequent and intense heatwaves and storms – and those most at risk are bearing the brunt of it.

The good thing is, the solutions are here and now, and we can all make a difference. Every day we get bolder and more courageous and the number of people taking action grows.

Already, many in the Yarra community are cutting emissions by:

  • switching to renewable energy in droves
  • reducing waste and recycling by thousands of tonnes a year
  • moving to a less energy-intensive plant-based diet
  • standing up and speaking out for political action and climate justice.

What are we already doing to tackle the Climate Emergency?

Here at Council, we are working in partnership with other local councils, community groups, businesses and schools to reduce emissions and create local climate solutions. We are advocating for stronger climate policies and supporting our community to take climate action. We are creating a circular economy, improving sustainable transport, and championing neighbourhood batteries. And so much more!

Together with our community, we have achieved so much through our Climate Emergency Plan 2020-24.

Already we have:

But right now, the climate crisis is accelerating. If we want to create a safe and just future where people and nature thrive, all levels of government must do more, and faster, to address it.

Have your say

To have your say:

  • share your ideas, stories, comments and suggestions below about the future you want to see and what taking strong action looks like to you
  • complete the online survey (scroll down below to the bottom of the page)

Together, we can make sure that people and nature in Yarra thrive for generations to come.

Tell us your ideas!

We’ve heard from the Yarra community that you want us to be bold and ambitious in our response to the climate emergency. To help us get there we want you to tell us your ideas and suggestions.

We've identified these 8 themes to help guide us in our climate emergency response:

  • How we travel

    Fewer cars, more electric vehicles, active transport and safer travel routes, more accessible transport options, and better public transport.

  • The homes we want

    Equitable, energy efficient, sustainable and accessible housing that is affordable.

  • ​A resilient and just community

    We are equitable, inclusive, collaborative and care for each other and we learn from First Nations knowledge.

  • ​Nurturing nature

    Yarra has a beautiful, inviting urban forest and healthy waterways that support biodiversity. We invite water into our landscape and capture it for reuse.

  • ​Developing a circular economy

    We are on our way to zero waste thanks to repair, sharing, reduced consumption, and vastly improved recycling and reuse systems.

  • Transforming our energy system, reducing emissions

    Yarra is all electric and zero emissions. We use and share energy equitably so everyone has what they need.

  • ​Strengthening our food systems

    We produce food locally and ensure everyone has access to healthy, affordable food. We embrace low carbon, low impact eating, including vegetarianism and veganism.

  • Council leadership in the climate emergency

    Yarra is leading the climate emergency response and collaborating with neighbouring councils to amplify our impact.

Think about these themes and tell us what sort of future you want to see. What does taking strong action look like to you?

Share your ideas, stories, comments and suggestions! Use the button below to post your story.

Please Note: This tool uses a moderation system so you may not see your response right away.

All responses received will be recorded and kept in line with our Privacy Policy. All responses, regardless of their presence in the public realm will be kept and considered as part of this consultation.

Some responses may not be published if there is specific wording used that may be deemed offensive to some people or the question contains personal or sensitive information. Responses that do not directly relate to the climate emergency will also not be published.

Any comments that fall outside of this topic should be directed to Council's traditional customer services channels.

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