This consultation is closed. Thanks for your feedback.

The upgrade of the playground at Cairns Reserve was completed in November 2021.

Installation of a drinking fountain and a new picnic table, along with lighting replacement and bollard removals are anticipated to take place in late 2022.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on both occasions and came to the park to give us their views in person on 24 April 2021. The feedback we received generally told us the following:

  • The existing shade and trees are highly valued – these are being retained.
  • That the play equipment being proposed – the spinner, monkey bars, slides, climbing items and swings – are supported and would be used.
  • That, while most people support the inclusion of the swings, some people like to use the grass terrace proposed for the swings for other play or park uses.
  • That the provision of a drinking fountain is a welcome inclusion.

We have reviewed what you told us and have decided to implement the following changes within the budget for improvements to Cairns Reserve:

  • To install the play equipment in the existing play area as proposed.
  • To reduce the number of swings to a double swing structure, to reduce the impact on the grass terrace.
  • This allows for the swing connection to the play structure, in a location that will receive some natural shade, while still retaining part of the grass terrace for other park uses.

We're also planning to make other changes:

  • Install a drinking fountain with a bottle refill station and dog bowl.
  • Install some seating and a table on the lower asphalt surface to provide for accessible picnicking.
  • Widen the asphalt path from George Street and adjust the bollards to allow for improved through access.

When will works start?

The works are planned to start on Monday 11 October 2021 and will take three weeks to complete (weather permitting).

Can I still use the park?

The works area will be fenced off. Other parts of the park will be open.

Nearest parks with playgrounds

During works you can still visit the nearby playgrounds at Ben Alexander Reserve, Citizens Park and Barkly Gardens.

Design for Cairns Reserve play area

Swipe through our design plans and check out the play equipment we are proposing to add.