The playground at Cairns Reserve is due for a makeover. From 23 November to 18 December we asked for your feedback to help us decide what new equipment we should install in this space.

More recently we asked you to again share your feedback by filling in the survey below by Monday 26 April, or by coming along to Cairns Reserve on Saturday 24 April from 10am until 12 noon to chat to us in-person about the proposed changes.

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey and provided feedback. We are currently reviewing what your told us and will update this page when we begin works on the final design.

What you told us?

Many of you told us that you like these elements of the existing playground:

  • The variety of slides
  • The imagination play options, such as the steering wheel
  • The grassed terraces to play and picnic on
  • Shade over the playground
  • The monkey bars.

A lot of responses were positive regarding these proposed changes:

  • The idea of the swings – with one being a nest swing. This is proposed for the terrace above the current play area. There is not enough room to fit this in the existing play footprint
  • The climbing activities – some of these are included in the play unit
  • The addition of a drinking fountain – this would be included near the footpath, to enable use by passers through and dog walkers.

What can't we do in the park?

Some suggestions were made that we are unable to include in our design, including:

  • Fence the play area – the play area is already contained within an enclosed area, and the park is set back from any roads, and set in a ‘dog prohibited area’
  • Add a BBQ – a picnic table is proposed for the lower asphalt area. A BBQ could be considered at a later date
  • Add a toilet – these are very costly, and not suitable where parks are walking distance from home.
  • Flying fox – these take up a lot of park space and would be more suitable in a larger park
  • Basketball court / half court – we don’t have much level ground, or large areas that this activity requires. Also, we try not to have these too close to residents as the bouncing ball can be an annoyance, especially at night
  • Provide more shade trees – there are a number of Maple trees (6) planted for shade, as well as some Jacaranda trees. Given time these will all grow to provide future summer shade.

Design for Cairns Reserve play area

Swipe through our design plans and check out the play equipment we are proposing to add.