Thanks to everyone who participated. This consultation has now closed.

In Late 2021 we reached out to the community to get your ideas and understand your preferences on how this important historical asset should be managed.

We received over 200 contributions from the community, with feedback covering a range of perspectives and interests. We're currently preparing the report for Council based on your input.

Ever wondered about that cottage?

In the mid 1800s during the Victorian gold rush Burnley Park was the "surveyors paddock" and the building was a ranger's cottage for "the protection of government land and property" - Read more about its history.

Today its one of only three buildings of this type left in Victoria. Some additions have happened over the years but recently the original section of the building has been given formal heritage status.

What will its future be?

Right now the cottage is protected from vandalism and risk to the public with boarding. It's not available for community use and its heritage status means demolishing the building is not an option.

It is in need of attention and investment which Council does not currently have budget for. It's in a great location by the river, playgrounds, picnic areas, bike trails and right next to the residential area of Burnley.

With community support there is potential for an organisation or business to upgrade and fit out the cottage for a whole new purpose and community benefit.

We want your input on the options

The cottage can remain as it is or Council can work with the local community and key stakeholders on an agreed expression of interest process to repurpose the building and protect its heritage features.

We're also asking you:

  • What could be an ideal use for this building given its location and public ownership?
  • What types of organisations could be a good fit for this space and be able to secure funding to do the necessary upgrades?
  • what makes a fair and transparent process that works for the best interests of the community?

Next steps

Council will consider feedback from the community before deciding what happens to the cottage next.

If there is community support for repurposing the building we will then work with interested representatives of the local community and other key stakeholders to develop a fair and transparent expression of interest process.