More about nature based mini golf

A number of venues around Australia have added mini golf to their services with great success. Our early research tells us that including mini golf at Burnley could result in a broader audience benefiting from the venue and provide a gateway into the sport. A mini golf facility would be designed to blend with the natural environment at Burnley.

Golf courses in Australia that have positive examples of this type of facility include:

Nillumbik Council have also recently installed a mini golf course (in conjunction with Belgravia Leisure) at the Yarrambat Golf Course. Find out more.

Potential benefits

  • attractive to a broader audience including families, juniors, community groups, corporate users
  • diversifies business operations to stay relevant in the changing sport and recreation market

Potential drawbacks

  • a mini golf course would require approximately 3000 m2 in space
  • investment required to construct the facility (initial estimate approximately $1 million)