More about course redesign options

We are not yet at the stage of looking at a detailed course layout and the option shown above is indicative only of what a course redesign might look like. Other redesign options might also be possible that include a combination of some containment fencing, new greens & tees. More detailed design work would be carried out when we understand community preferences and priorities.

This example is a 9 hole par 3 version that utilises the existing flow of holes more efectively to mitigate the golf ball risk issue. It would not require removal of trees and could utilise the existing irrigation infrastructure. This solution addresses the safety risk associated with golf balls entering the surrounding carriage ways and expands the appeal to a broader market. As it doesn't require high fencing treatments it could present significantly greater value and community benefit for a similar investment.

Market research suggests that “the 9 hole par 3 Golf Course is expected to generate significantly higher visitation than the current 40,000 recorded annually”. Par 3 courses are an emerging trend along with other short course concepts designed to reduce the time it takes play the game which is a major barrier to people engaging with the game.

Early research suggests the Par 3 course in conjunction with the additional mini golf, short game and club house amenities will build appeal of the facility to both Yarra residents and the wider community.

Golf Australia advised that the 9 hole par 3 version allows our affiliated clubs to could continue to hosting competitions and handicapping rounds.

A birds eye view of Burnley Golf Course

This is indicative of one potential option only. We would work with the community to develop more detailed concept designs if this option is prioritised.

Potential benefits

  • shortened holes and multiple difficulty options will reduce the time to play, which is one of the key barriers to people not engaging with the sport
  • does not require the construction of large containment fencing or may require some depending on the design
  • will become a unique offer in the Victorian golf industry
  • offers the most effective way of mitigating the safety risk according to external advice

Potential drawbacks

  • is not the “traditional” course layout or design i.e. a mix of Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 holes
  • moderate investment required to re-design and construct the golf course
  • more investment if the model still requires some fencing