More about the fencing option

The fencing would be designed to address the safety risks caused by golf balls entering nearby roads and railway lines.

Initial advice from golf industry specialists has been provided along with some concepts and examples of similar works.

This advice tells us the height requirement will be significant (at least 30 meters high) as will the length which would extend approximately 475m on the Monash Freeway boundary and 250m on the Madden Grove Boundary.

Installing containment fencing to these specifications would allow the current operations of the Burnley Golf Course to continue, aside from disruptions during construction of the fences.

Potential benefits

  • addresses the risk and safety issues
  • retains a traditional 9-hole golf course with a mix of Par 4’ and Par 3’s

Potential drawbacks

  • significant cost of construction (estimated to be in the range of $3-6 million)
  • this option does not allow for funding of renewed or additional facilities to be added to the site i.e. short course options or a new venue / pavilion