More about a potential club house/ pavilion upgrade

The current club house has some structural issues that will need to be addressed in the future. In addition, there is not enough space for club membership numbers, storage and staff facilities, or for a successful retail pro shop and hospitality service.

A new club house facility presents a range of opportunities for Yarra Council to create an inclusive space for the growing number of Burnley patrons and club members as well as hosting events for the broader community. An upgraded pavilion/event space would capitalise on the unique location and value of Burnley. A very early estimate of potential costs for this facility would be in the range of $3-6 million.

Broader community opportunities may include:

  • special events and celebrations
  • corporate functions and conferences
  • hospitality, dining and café operations
  • virtual golf and retail associated operations

This image is indicative of what a new facility might look like. Further design work and detailed costings would only be progressed when we have heard more about community priorities.

Design elements that might be considered:

  • second level with a terrace / deck area overlooking the golf course
  • bar / café area on the lower level
  • retail space
  • multipurpose room on the lower level for user groups (golf clubs) for meetings and functions
  • administration offices
  • bike parking integrated with the Yarra bike track and café
  • integrated and landscaped path works and surrounds
  • golf cart and general storage areas

Potential benefits

  • improved customer experience for all Burnley patrons
  • meeting space for the whole community
  • increased visitation through functions and programming options attracting new and diverse user groups

Potential drawbacks

  • construction costs (estimated to be in the range of $3-6 million)
  • potential maintenance costs due to increased functionality and programming options