More about the native bushwalk option

Including a native bushwalk within the re-design options helps preserve green open space and would contribute to promoting general physical activity and wellbeing.

It would also promote planting and protection of indigenous flora and fauna and provide refuge for native wildlife. It would be designed in a way that directly integrates with the Burnley Golf Course and the adjacent Yarra bike track.

Potential benefits

  • introduces general use open space to the Burnley Golf Course and contributes to promoting physical activity and wellbeing
  • provides an opportunity to introduce an indigenous planting program and sanctuary for native wildlife
  • placement adjacent to the freeway removes golf play from this high risk boundary

Potential drawbacks

  • would require a large portion of the current course
  • depending on final design could be of a moderate cost to construct
  • positioning near the freeway boundary may result in noise pollution at peak times