This consultation is closed.

In 2019, we asked how you want to be involved in decision making in Yarra. We asked what decisions are most important to you, how you would like to be involved and what might encourage or prevent you from having your say.

We learnt so much from nearly 400 community contributions and your input helped us create our Community Engagement Policy and Community Engagement Action Plan 2020-2024.

Want to learn more about the adopted documents?

Find out how we created our Community Engagement Policy and download the final documents.

What was the consultation about?

We often ask you to take part in community consultations.

We might ask you about a new playground design, a plan for improving neighbourhood streets or how we spend our budget.

This ensures that our decisions consider your needs and priorities.

To help make sure your voice is heard, we need to know a few things about you. This includes what you would like to be asked about, and how you would like to share your thoughts.

Your feedback will helped us develop our next Community Engagement Policy.