Thank you to everyone who contributed. This consultation is now closed. We are now considering your feedback, which we will incorporate into the final plan.

We will continue to update you.

What did we consult on?

To find out what this plan should include, we spoke to our local Aboriginal community, our Aboriginal Advisory Group and Yarra's Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri. We also spoke with people who work in Aboriginal community organisations.

Based on your feedback, our Aboriginal Partnerships Plan will focus on:

  • Relationships
  • A visible culture
  • Community health and wellbeing, and
  • Organisational development

Read the draft Aboriginal Partnerships Plan and Year 1 Action Plan and let us know what you think.

What did you tell us?

According to the Aboriginal community, and those who work closely with the Aboriginal community:

  • Yarra has strong relationships with the Aboriginal community.
  • You appreciated how we approached January 26, and The Stolen Generations Marker.
  • We are clear and transparent, but should do more to communicate what we are doing.
  • We have good historical resources. You would like us to showcase more Aboriginal history and culture in Yarra.
  • Yarra’s Aboriginal events were popular, including Smith Street Dreaming Festival and BlakWiz.
  • Supporting vulnerable people is important. You would like to see more initiatives that do this, like the Billabong BBQ.
  • You would also like to see more employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.
  • You would to see more employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in Yarra.


If you have any questions about the plan, please contact Colin Hunter, Aboriginal Partnerships Officer, on 9205 5555 or