This consultation is closed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Your feedback is now being considered as we develop some key strategies to support inclusiveness and celebrate diversity, including updated plans to support multicultural communities, LGBTIQ communities and homelessness.

In 2018 we asked our community to share stories and ideas about inclusiveness in Yarra.

Diversity is important to us in Yarra. We embrace and celebrate the unique and vibrant culture it brings to the area and we play a big role in protecting and promoting the rights of our community.

Right now we’re working on a number of plans that will guide our continuing support for human rights, diversity and inclusiveness. So we're encouraging people to think about what makes us feel included in the community, and what could we do to make sure all people, from all backgrounds and with different life experiences feel involved and included in the Yarra community.

Sharing your stories of:

  • where you’ve seen or experienced inclusiveness in Yarra that you think should be celebrated, or
  • ideas for improving inclusiveness in Yarra and what's inspired them

has helped us identify the opportunities and inform our planning.

What do we already do in Yarra?

Marriage equality

During the 2017 Marriage Equality postal survey Yarra councillors unanimously resolved to support the Yes campaign, and fly rainbow flags over each town hall until it became law.

Welcoming new arrivals

This year Yarra Council joined the Welcoming Cities initiative, a group of organisations dedicated to welcoming and supporting new arrivals.

Support for rough sleepers

We participate annually in Streetcount, a survey of rough sleepers across five municipalities that supports understanding of rough sleeping, better planning of services, and long-term solutions to address homelessness.

Aboriginal partnerships

Our Stolen Generations Marker in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, pays tribute to the Stolen Generations in a place of special significance to Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.