Thank you to everybody who participated. We heard some really valuable input from a good cross section of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Around 90% of you were local to either Abbotsford or Clifton Hill.

We're currently analysing the 406 contributions to the map board and 312 survey contributions.

Next steps: we'll come back to you with some treatment options for your feedback in early in 2022.

Why focus on this corridor?

Trenerry Crescent is a major link between Clifton Hill and North Abbotsford.

If you live, work in or visit this area of Clifton Hill or North Abbotsford you will likely travel along this Corridor.

It provides direct access to Victoria Park, Ramsden Oval, Quarries Park, Merri Creek and Yarra bend Parkland, the Capital City and Meri Creek bike and pedestrian trails and the Clifton Hill recycling centre.

Its popular for a range of users; motorists, cyclists and pedestrians included, but there have been some casualty crashes along the corridor and many reports of near misses.

A road safety review has identified a number of locations where the conflict between different types of road uses cause them to be higher risk. The aim of this study is to reduce road safety incidents for the benefit of the local wider community and our visitors.

We listened to your feedback in 2020

We heard you clearly and took on board your feedback last year when we asked you to consider closing sections of Trenerry Crescent to vehicles. You told us:

So what does the study look at?

It will look at locations identified as safety issues based on feedback from road users, traffic data and road safety assessments. It also looks at potential barriers to accessibility and movement to ensure safe connections at popular local destinations.

Most importantly, we want to know your day to day experience of safety as you walk, ride or drive to and along the Trenerry Crescent Corridor and through North Abbotsford and Clifton Hill. This will help us understand where traffic treatments or adjustments will make your streets safer for all users, and, how they should be prioritised.

We'll ask for your input at three stages:

1️⃣ You highlight the issues (see interactive map below) closes 5pm Friday 10 December

2️⃣ We come back to you with options or recommendations for your feedback

3️⃣ We exhibit the final draft for any final feedback before its formally endorsed and works are undertaken.

What options are there to improve safety?

There are a number of options available as we draft the road safety plan. Right now though we just want to understand how you use this road corridor and your perspective on safety issues in the quick survey and interactive map below.

Now drop a pin to tell us about road user safety issues