Image: Draft concept drawing of the proposed upgrades to the pavilion. The proposed design includes a new glass social room to be installed at the rear of the upper level of the grandstand. This is an indicative drawing only.

About the grandstand

The Fitzroy Football Club Grandstand was built in 1888, and has been home to cricket and football clubs ever since.

Over the years, it has been progressively altered and adapted to suit the changing needs of the clubs and community that use it.

Restoring and enhancing the grandstand, including renovating the club rooms and facilities underneath, is a key part of the proposed plans.

How does the design respect/compliment the heritage of the grandstand and gardens?

The sporting clubs that operate from the Edinburgh Gardens have a long history and association with this place (Fitzroy Cricket Club established in 1872; Fitzroy Football Club established in 1883). Upgrading the facilities to enable the clubs to continue their use of the grandstand is important part of maintaining their historic connection to the place.

The heritage grandstand is the focal point of the new design. Its original heritage features will be restored and the existing facilities underneath will be upgraded to meet the contemporary needs of the sporting clubs, spectators and community.

What new facilities would be included in the upgrade of the grandstand?

The upgraded grandstand will provide:

  • New player change rooms (for male and female participants and people with disability)
  • Umpire facilities
  • Kiosk/canteen
  • First aid area
  • Equipment storage

A club room will be incorporated into the design with a glass viewing area.

We would also add a new amenity block immediately behind the grandstand, where most of the plumbing and services would be located.

The proposal to incorporate a club social room within the grandstand ensures the ongoing relationship of the club activities, spirit and history remains inextricably linked to this building and this ground.

How will the grandstand's heritage be respected and celebrated?

The grandstand is subject to heritage listing requirements, however, this does not prevent it being improved and restored.

Many of the non-original features of the grandstand will be removed to enhance the original features of the grandstand.

Part of the proposed design also includes a new glass social room to be installed at the rear of the upper level of the grandstand to reactivate the use of the grandstand.